Sunday, 23 June 2013

Feelunique Holiday Buys...

I'm jetting off on holiday soon...well kinda soon, August to be precise, but in my book it's never too early to start collecting toiletries for your travels! I headed over to feelunique to collect a few bits + pieces.

One of my purchases was L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime, available here.
This spray will help condition my hair from the drying effects of the sun. It is described as being a light, non greasy, invisible spray which you literally spray all over your head to provide instant conditioning benefits. This sounds like the perfect antidote to long, hot days in the sunshine. I've never used this product before but I'm quite excited to try it out as being blonde and curly-haired, the sun can really be my enemy and cause my hair to become dry and brittle. 

Next up we have a little bit of sun protection! I have struggled for ages to find a decent suncream for my face - every single brand I seem to use stings my eyes terribly :( I've even avoided applying sun proection to my face (a big no-no) for this very reason and quite frankly, I was getting rather annoyed! I decided to investigate further and turned to Google for help. I found various websites and forums which said many suncream manufacturers chose chemicals to provide protection and to avoid irritation I should seek out something called 'physical sunscreens', which rely on either zinc oxide or titanium dixoide instead of chemicals. These downside is that these physical sunscreens have a reputation for being white, chalky and difficult to apply however advances in technology means that these days, non-chemical sunscreens are just as easily rubbed in as their chemical counterparts. Thank God, as I am white enough!
I decided to buy my suncream from a company called Green People which is purely organic brand. All of their products are free-form SLS/foaming agents, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, petrochemicals and a bunch of other nasties.Lets hope this does the trick for my poor little eyes. *fingers and toes crossed*
Green People Sun Lotion is available here.

This is another suncream from Green People, but in SPF15 instead. This cream is also from their OY! range, which is especially created for young skin. This lotion also uses zinc/titanium dioxide instead of chemicals and also contains a suntan accelerator (score!). It contains extracts from the carob tree which help to intensify and prolong the tanning process.
As this is from their OY! range, the product helps promote a blemish free complexion and is suitable for skins which suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis and other irritable skin conditions. Check it out for yourself.

Next up we have Philip Kingsley Swimcap.
Before going away on holidays, I treat myself to a Brazlian blowdry. I have naturally curly, frizzy hair which I like to embrace and I can usually manage it quite well here in Scotland, however once you add in heat, humidity, sea salt and chlorine, my hair is like Mount Everest. Very challenging. The only downside to having the keratin treatment is that its smoothing effect can be diminished by salt and chlorine, therefore it is imperative to protect your hair! This can be done by simply wetting your hair, applying a dollop of this product and combing it through. It acts as a kind of barrier, like a swimming cap (get it?) and stops your hair from absorbing large amounts of salt and chlorine. A must have!!

 Up last, we have the GHD detangling comb.
This is perfect for combing through the above mentioned Swimcap, and all other intensive conditioners. I also find that using a wide toothed comb instead of a hair brush helps to reduce static and frizz, and anything which does that is a winner in my book.

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