Sunday, 9 June 2013

Good Things...?

'Good Things' is a brand I have seen in my local Boots for quite a while now, yet this is the first product I have purchased from their extensive offerings.
The range was set up by skincare guru Alice Hart-Davis when she realised that there was a gap in the market for gentle, yet effective skincare for young skin. Many cleansers and moisturisers these days are chock-a-block with chemicals (such as sodium laurel sulfate), parabens, petrochemicals and mineral oils and all of these ingredients can strip away the skin's natural protective barrier and cause further irritation. Not good news for the sensitive skinned among us. With this in mind, Alice ensured that all Good Things products are free from all that chemical gunk and instead her products harness the power of Superfruits (blueberries, goji berries, papaya, mango etc), to provide effective yet gentle skincare.
The range consists of an anti blemish section (which this particular product is from) and a more sort of general section, for non-problem skin.

I settled on this exfoliator as it sounded gentle yet effective for scrubbing away any lingering blackheads on my nose and any bits of dead, flaky skin. My plan is to use this face wash around 2 times per week, and carry on using my other daily cleanser the rest of the week. My reasoning for this is that although this product can be used daily, I don't think my skin would appreciate being exfoliated every single day!

This product uses extracts from Licorice and Papaya which promise to:

- boost skin radiance (papaya)
- soothe skin and reduce bacteria levels (licorice)

I have been using this for several weeks now and I must admit that I do enjoy it. While I'm not certain if it has made any difference to my blackheads (I wasn't overly plagued with them anyway, I just have a few on my nose), it definitely made my skin feel much smoother and brighter.
The consistency of this exfoliater is great, and the exfoliating particles aren't too big and irritating - nothing worse than feeling like you are washing your face with grit!

As this product is free from sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), don't expect to get a really good lather. I personally don't mind this as I know that SLS can be an irritant to skin, so if a product doesn't foam up well then I have peace of mind that I'm not overloading my skin with chemicals. 

All in all, I would definitely recommend this product and I look forward to trying out other products from this line, perhaps a cream cleanser or a moisturiser.

Ohh and lastly, for all the licorice haters out there (myself included), this does not smell like Licorice allsorts!! Pheeeew!!

Have you ever tried anything from this range before?


  1. Oh phew, I am glad it doesn't smell like licorice! I hate licorice :-) Sounds like a pretty good product.

    1. haha yeah me too - I hate licorice! x

    2. Looks like a lovely product. The liquorice thing wouldn't be too bad with me as I like it. I hate aniseed though.

      Pretty blog - the ducks totally sold it all to me.



    3. Yeah, I love the rubber ducks! They've been a permanent bathroom fixture for as long as I can remember!

      Aw thank you very much - I'm away to check out your blog right now :) x


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