Thursday, 2 May 2013

Benefit Coralista

Well, well, well...everyone raves about Benefit boxed blushes whether they are talking about the powders appearance on the skin or even just the dinky packaging which Benefit has become associated with...and its about time I threw in my 2 cents aswell! Lucky you's....

The blusher I am going to be reviewing today is the world famous Coralista! This is described by Benefit as "coral blush for a tropical flush! This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds"...Big claims from such a little box....

can it live up to its claims...?

But Coralista definitely delivers, well for me anyways. I find the colour warms up my alabaster skin without looking to obvious and adds a healthy dose of shimmer for a dewy look but not too 'glitterball',  making this blusher ideal for day or night time use. It has a decent wear time (around 5-6 hours) and doesn't become patchy throughout the day (score!). 
The packaging is girly and very Benefit, however it doesn't withstand much wear and tear within my handbag or make up bag and the box can end up looking tatty ... See my above pictures for evidence! 

Aside from the packaging getting a bit 'rough around the edges', do I have any other gripes with Coralista? Weeeeell, yes I do actually. Number uno is definitely the price, £23.50 for a box of blush is extortionate, lets not beat around the bush here...that being said, you do get a decent amount of product for your dosh and I've had my blush for around 5/6months and I see no sign of the pan, therefore when you spread the cost over the length of time the blush will last you, its pennies really (I really need to stop justifying these splurges..)

This is rather heavily swatched - there is less colour payoff when blended or applied with a brush

My final issue with Coralista isnt't a personal one as the colouring works for me however I feel that this wouldn't work as well on darker skin tones due to the fairly light pigmentation of this product however if you are darker and you rock Coralista, let me know and I will take this last remark back! 

Coralista retails at £23.50 and is available from Boots, Debenhams, Benefit...and a host of other places! 

Right, I'm away to put the kettle on before I write an epic novel here.....*must stop blabbering..*


  1. This is actually one of my favourites in my growing blush collection (that, embarrassingly, shows no signs of stopping). It's such a warm colour with a slight sheen to it. £23.50 didn't make me bat an eye at the time, but then I knew I desperately wanted the colour, but it is on the higher end side. Price per wear and all that! :)

    I like the blog!

    Adrienne | latenightnonsense

    1. my blush collection is also expanding at an alarming rate! also got my eye on benefit bella bamba, have you tried that one?

      Thanks very much, your blog is great! need to try the peach melba tea you posted about, i'm a tea addict!
      following your blog now :)


  2. Great post, I love this blush but would definitely agree that £23.50 is too much! It's a good blush but for the price, I'd probably expect better and agree with the pigmentation not being the best.

    I'm now following your blog :)


    1. glad you agree, I do love the colour but just wish it was cheaper and slightly stronger in colour! x


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