Sunday, 26 May 2013

Frizzy Lizzy

Today I'm going to be discussing a product which aims to eradicate the dreaded enemy of us curly haired ladies.....The frizz! The product in question is the Lee Stafford Dehumidifier Spray from the Poker Straight collection. 
The product packaging is typical of the Lee Stafford range, a bright pink can with the distinctive barcode and text. I like the branding of this range as I think it stands out when on the shelves and grabs my attention. 

I decided to invest in this product when I made a pact to myself to try and stop using as many heated styling tools on my hair in an attempt to strengthen my hair, as I feel it to be quite damaged/dry and brittle sometimes. I also want to cut down on the amount of time I spend taming my hair, I feel I should try and embrace my curls rather than fight them...(its a battle I am losing anyway so I may aswell hold up my little white flag..). However, just because I want to love and accept my curls, doesn't mean I need to welcome the frizz that comes with them, and so thats where this product steps in!! 
After I let my hair dry naturally (eeeeeeeek!!) I spray this liberally all over my head and I find that it helps to smooth any static or flyaway strands, and somehow, miraculously , removes the frizz! I don't know how it does it, but you can literally see the frizz fading as you spray. Once I've sprayed this all over my head, and ruffled my hair, I am good to go. It's not hard or crunchy like a hairspray/mousse or gel and it adds a  glossy finish to my hair which is a bonus as I sometimes find curly hair can look a bit lacklustre. 
Don't be thinking though that this is just for curly hair, oh no sir! This is for anyone who suffers from attacks of the frizz! If I ever do straighten my hair, a skoosh of this over my finished style acts like a barrier from the elements and stops me fretting about my hair! 
This spray is perfect for use in the UK with our unpredictable weather, and also perfect for use abroad when the hot, humid weather mucks up your hair and your regular hair routine! I honestly couldn't be without this now. 

have you ever tried this product before? Do you like Lee Stafford products?


  1. I've never tried this product but I think I'll have to! As a curly haired girl myself I'm always on the lookout for new products to help with frizz but most just don't work! Thanks for sharing.
    I also just followed your blog if you wouldn't mind checking out mine and following back? :)

    1. You really should, its great for banishing the fuzziness that comes with natural curls!

      Thanks so much for following, I have followed back :)

  2. Been using this too! I really liked it! xxx

    1. I'm glad you like it too, it's such a good find!


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