Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Hello girlies! 

Thought I'd start off proceedings with my first ever review of what I would call a staple in my beauty routine! 
For ageeees I'd heard various websites, magazines and bloggers harp on about the many wonderful benefits of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream yet I refused to buy into the hype. I thought how can (essentially) a moisturiser cost soo much money and really be any better than my regular face cream? Then one fateful flight back from a holiday, I had some unspent holiday money loitering in my purse, and this coupled with the duty free prices meant I snapped up a pot. 

The consistency of this cream is really thick. And it's browny-yellowy in appearance and smells like medicated shampoo but once you build a bridge and get over all of these aspects,  it is a truly fabulous cream (although I think I'd say its more a balm than a cream..

This 'cream' is far too heavy for daily wear and its best used at night time before bed to replenish any dry, chapped areas of skin on your face/body. 
I really do find this helps immensely with dry areas of skin around my nose and cheeks which helps with makeup application in the morning as it won't cling to any of these pesky spots! 

It is pricey but it lasts a lifetime as you really do only need the smallest amount in order to reap the benefits and I would only apply them on the areas which need the most TLC and not all over my face. I've had my tub for around 10 months now and its only just needing to be view this as an investment rather than a splurge!

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