Sunday, 12 May 2013

Clean + Clear Persa Gel 10

Happy Sunday girlies!! 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend? Mine was nice and chilled, just what I needed after a few hectic ones! I finally got round to seeing iron man 3..and it was epic! Loved it, so if you haven't seen it already I suggest you head down to your nearest cinema and spend a few hours in the company of Robert Downey Jr....

Anyhoooo - lets get down to blogging!! Today I am going to be discussing not a make up item but a treatment for all us 'problem skin' ladies! I present to you - Clean + Clear Persa Gel 10 :) This gel is widely available in the US (I got mine from however, acne creams/gels in the UK tend to favour Salicylic Acid as there spot vapouriser whereas the US favour creams based on Benzoyl Peroxide. 

Now this cream is very effective at getting rid of those pesky 'under the skin, I ain't ever gonna turn into a whitehead' kinda spots...very effective. The high strength (10%) of Benzoyl Peroxide essentially 'burns' away the zit and flattens it which makes it far easier to cover with concealer - Benzoyl Peroxide is also anticbacterial so it kills all the nasties harbouring undernead the skin. The gel is white in colour and is a good consistency, its neither thick nor watery and it rubs into the skin without leaving a residue. 

Make no mistake though when I tell you this stuff is Powerful, with a capital P. Please do not be tempted to rub this all over your face in attempt to kill off any lurking spots as you will wake up in the morning looking like Samantha from SATC when she had a chemical peel. This stuff does cause your skin to go red and dry however its nothing a little heavy duty moisturiser can't cure e.g. 8 Hou Cream or Bio oil. 
I also would only apply this once a day, maybe only every other day if you are new to benzoyl peroxide as you need to let your skin adapt to it, and only at night as it can potentially react with sunlight. 

This gel is definitely not for the faint hearted and I would only recommened it to sufferers of cysts and severe spots.

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