Tuesday, 14 May 2013

No 7 Mineral Perfection Loose Blusher

Afternoon!! How is everyone's Tuesday going? *almost midweek yaaay!* 

Now, I'm sure everyone can remember their very first blusher? The one you wore every single day, religiously! My go-to blush was Boots No 7 Natural Blush in the shade 'Soft Damson', which I would describe as a soft dusky pink. 
As my blush collection has expanded, poor old Soft Damson has lay neglected in the depths of my make up drawer, however one day whilst browsing the No 7 counter (with a £5 off voucher lurking in my purse), I noticed this loose blush in yes, you've guessed it, Soft Damson. I bought it hoping to restart a love affair with an old friend...

The packaging in pretty typical of No 7 products, sleek, no-nonsense and straight to the point. This blusher also comes with its own brush which I have rendered useless as it sheds like crazy (massive pain in the bum) and its quite hard to control the product with it, therefore I prefer to use my real techniques blush brush. 
I'm usually such a klutz that loose make up products are typically not my friend, however this has actually remained largely in the pot thanks to the protective casing inside which helps trap the majority of the product. Clever bigwigs at Boots! 

I realise now that this is a terrible image to try and show the protective casing as its hidden underneath all the blush! However I had done this so you could see the colour :) There are methods to my madness ... kind of!

The blush is highly pigmented, much more so than my pressed blush and so a light hand is required and you must tap off any excess product in order to ensure an even application (easier said than done). 
The colour itself is pretty much the same as its compact counterpart, a dusky pink, however I have noted that wear time seems to be less and within 4/5 hours of wear it can become patchy, and this never happened with the pressed blush so I can only assume its to do with uneven product distribution on my blush brush? 
All in all, I probably wouldn't repurchase this particular item however it did remind me why I wore my soft damson blush as  the colour is very natural on my skin tone, therefore my other blush is no longer neglected and has made its way back into my make up bag! 

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