Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Helllloooo lovely ladies!

Sorry for the delay in posting, been down in England the past few days without laptop access - buuuut I am back now, ready to go and raring to blog... 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product which has been a firm staple in my make up bag since my teenage years : Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade 'Transparent'. 

I haven't been completely loyal to this powder throughout my make up years, I've dabbled in Maxfactor, Collection 2000, Clinique and Loreal yet this is the powder I always return to  - infact, this is the only face powder which I have finished! With all the other face powders I have experimented with, I usuallu throw in the towel halfway through and returned to Rimmel. Why though? What is it about this powder which keeps drawing me back?! 

Well the price definitely helps! This little gem retails for £3.99 at Boots - very purse friendly! And for a whopping 14g of product, you really can't complain! And most of all, its like Ronseal - it does exactly what it says on the tin! 
It mattifies skin without caking and leaving an undesirable powdery finish. It doesn't make me orange no matter how heavily handed I apply it and it doesn't disturb my foundation/blush application. Perfect! It also doesn't clog pores which is a big YES for my spot prone skin. 

Look - look at the colour of that!! Perfect for pale skin tones...it will never make you orange! 

Any downsides to this product? 

The packaging probably lets it down a touch as its not very travel/handbag friendly. All it takes is for the lid to pop off and uh - ohhh, the powder will crack and break up but for £3.99 this is not a high end product, therefore I shouldn't really expect high end packing... should I? And the packaging definitely does not stop me from repurchasing time and time again. 
Another downside (although not for me personally), might be the lack of dark shades available? I think the darkest tone they do is called Warm Beige and its not mega dark, therefore darker skinned ladies may struggle to find a good match with this product, however for us Snow White girls, it's a god send! You really can't afford to not have this in your make up routine...


  1. I love this powder, I use it all the time :D xx

    1. this is a really great little powder - i have yet to find one which rivals this! x

  2. Love this powder so much. I have been using it for months now.
    And I also like the bronzer too, the color is great! Love both products !


    1. it is a great product :) I love rimmel as a brand, think they have some really great items! x

  3. The next powder that I want to try, and it's so affordable! :)



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